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10 Feb 2016

How Long Will It Decide to try Learn a Kpop Dance?
SSD Nightcore
Learning how to dance Kpop is dependent upon the amount that you are at, the music activity track, and the routine you'll dance to.


The ultimate way to learn is to sign up with a dance school that offers Kpop dance training.

For freshies, it normally take about 6 or 8 lessons (supposing a 1-hour lesson each) to know a dance routine.

If you move on to advanced level, you may take a faster time (4-5 lessons) to find out a track, since you are already entering the groove and have also learnt the common dance steps.

You may even learn it all all on your own via taking note of and following the moves from Kpop videos. However, this involves considerable time and dedication, in...